Hello Internet!

Welcome to my little side of the Internet.

How you got there is a good question, but I hope the time you spend around here will be at least enjoyable for you.

The Bear riding towards a glorious future (maybe)

What you have stumbled upon, is my attempt at getting a new routine of writing more because I used to write a lot and gradually stopped, even though the itch of writing is still always there. I often get distracted or carried away by dozens of ideas, or worse by an inability to decide what to write on.

Most of the posts might just stay on private because I don’t feel like it would be very interesting for anybody to just listen to a random person rambling over the internet, but making them online brings a sort of accountability to the writing process.

To briefly introduce myself, I am Freyja, I like bears, Lego bricks, writing, reading, space, and a lot of other things.

Thanks for your time and have a great time on this side of the Internet!

Author: Freyja

The Bear around these woods

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